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Web Browser Extension

Beamy's Web Browser Extension (WBE) revolutionises Shadow IT detection by providing ongoing insights into SaaS usage, helping IT leaders and their teams to gain a deep understanding of their SaaS landscape over time.

Revolutionise Shadow IT detection

Accurate Usage Detection

Unlike other tools analysing navigation logs, the WBE excels at accurately detecting usage, effectively filtering out irrelevant 'noise.' It significantly reduces the occurrence of false positives, minimising the manual curation work.

Professional / Personal usage

The Web Browser Extension differentiates between the professional and personal usage of SaaS applications. This feature ensures a nuanced understanding of user behaviour.

Non-disruptive Navigation

Unlike other security tools, such as VPNs, the WBE operates seamlessly without impacting navigation speed and does not compromise the efficiency of employees’ daily tasks.

Scalability & Reliability

Already deployed on tens of thousands of workstations, the WBE demonstrates its scalability and reliability.

Provide maximum safety

Local Processing

The Web Browser Extension conducts its analysis locally within the browser, ensuring minimal data is sent to Beamy and guaranteeing maximum security.

Encryption in Transit and at Rest

Adhering to industry standards, all transmitted data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, providing a robust layer of security.

Penetration Testing

Undergoing rigorous penetration tests in October 2023, the WBE emerged successfully without any critical vulnerabilities being detected.

Auditable Code

Beamy maintains auditable code as part of its commitment to transparency. This allows for thorough scrutiny and assurance of the extension's security integrity.

Protecting privacy

Protecting your employees' privacy

Minimal Data Collected

The Web Browser Extension prioritises employee privacy by minimising the data collected ensuring that only relevant information is sent to Beamy.

Pseudonymised Data

Authenticated Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is never collected. User data undergo pseudonymization using the industry-standard SHA-256 method.

Aggregated Data

The WBE focuses on understanding usage trends rather than tracking individual behaviours. Data is presented in aggregated form, categorised by country, line of business, or department.

Legal Review

The WBE has undergone rigorous review and validation by an accredited lawyer specialising in data privacy issues, who is registered with the French authority CNIL to ensure compliance with EU data privacy regulations.

Deploy in just a few clicks

Easy and Fast Deployment at Scale

Following a brief Define and Testing phase spanning a few weeks, the rollout of Beamy's WBE requires just a few clicks for corporate IT teams to deploy it across thousands of workstations.

Compatible Across Environments

The WBE integrates seamlessly into all environments and can be deployed at scale using your standard Mobile Device Management (MDM), Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Group Policy Object (GPO), or Google Workspace.

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