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Chaotic Shadow IT - Focus on decentralise IT

Get out of the chaos! Forget Shadow IT — focus on decentralised IT

SaaS apps are omnipresent within organisations and they are skyrocketing out of IT's control. Forget Shadow IT, this is a complex landscape of decentralised IT led by Business Units ⁠— an 'underground digitalisation' where various IT solutions are implemented for improved capabilities.

Decentralised IT represents a systemic change and it has not yet been understood and managed. It creates major risks for companies (GDPR, security, and underperformance, to name a few) that must be addressed and governed.
All large organisations will have to face this decentralisation to accelerate their digital transformation. “CIOs should embrace Business-Led IT.” — Gartner

SaaS detection & monitoring

Go beyond shadow IT discovery

Beamy revolutionises Shadow IT detection by providing ongoing insights into SaaS usage, helping IT leaders and their teams gain a deep understanding of their SaaS landscape over time.

Discover Your SaaS Landscape

Beamy offers a leading SaaS detection technology through our Web Browser Extension (WBE).

Follow Your SaaS Usage 

The Web Browser Extension goes beyond SaaS detection and tracks SaaS usage over time.

Understand Your SaaS Landscape

Delve into your SaaS usage data to uncover more (department behaviours, risks…)

SaaS Governance & Knowledge

Establish effective SaaS governance by bringing together all stakeholders

Beamy’s SaaS governance platform empowers teams (IT, Procurement, Legal, Compliance…) to collectively build and centralise SaaS knowledge. This fosters alignment and collaboration, enhancing the efficiency of SaaS processes and enabling organisations to keep up with the ongoing IT democratisation.

Centralise SaaS Knowledge

Connect your SaaS knowledge sources to build your consolidated SaaS portfolio.

Simplify SaaS Reporting

Leverage built-in metrics and analytics for executive and operational reporting and eliminate the last-minute stress of updating Excel spreadsheets.

Accelerate SaaS Investigation

Receive and configure automatic alerts when a new SaaS is detected or when usage patterns change. 

Facilitate SaaS Collaboration

Define and implement scalable SaaS processes with customisable and automated workflows.

SaaS catalogue

Guide employees towards the safe use of SaaS

Beamy’s SaaS Catalogue helps IT teams educate and guide employees toward the safe use of SaaS applications, maximising the value of the existing SaaS portfolio while mitigating risks for the organisation.

Share Your Corporate SaaS Catalogue

Provide employees with a modern SaaS Catalogue reflecting the latest updates to your SaaS portfolio through seamless synchronisation.

Provide SaaS Usage Guidelines

Communicate clear and transparent guidelines for employees to understand what to use and who to contact.

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Didier Fleury Macif
Departments need to move fast. The problem arises when the technology they select becomes very important to the business, but regulatory compliance has not been considered
Didier Fleury
Macif’s CIO
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