Chaotic Shadow IT - Focus on decentralise IT

Get out of the chaos! Forget Shadow IT — focus on decentralised IT

SaaS apps are omnipresent within organisations and they are skyrocketing out of IT's control. Forget Shadow IT, this is a complex landscape of decentralised IT led by Business Units ⁠— an 'underground digitalisation' where various IT solutions are implemented for improved capabilities.

Decentralised IT represents a systemic change and it has not yet been understood and managed. It creates major risks for companies (GDPR, security, and underperformance, to name a few) that must be addressed and governed.
All large organisations will have to face this decentralisation to accelerate their digital transformation. “CIOs should embrace Business-Led IT.” — Gartner

SaaS Management

Discover the depth of your underground digitalisation

Beamy continuously detects and monitors all SaaS apps used within your organisation. Maximise your ROI by visualising what is used, understanding Shadow IT risks, and streamlining decision-making.

Detect all your SaaS apps, even those in Shadow IT

Detect all SaaS apps used within your company thanks to our advanced detection technology.

Visualise all your SaaS apps

Understand your SaaS stack - what is used and by whom through comprehensive & enhanced data.

Refine your SaaS stack to fit your needs

Refine your SaaS stack based on your needs to assign clear responsibility and promote better cooperation within your teams.

Synchronise with the rest of your IT ecosystem

Leverage two-way synchronisation with all knowledge sources already implemented (ITSM, CASB, SAM, PRP, GRC, etc.).

SaaS Governance

Collaboratively manage your SaaS stack on a unique platform

Beamy helps build effective governance between all key stakeholders (BUs, CIOs, CISOs, DPOs etc.) using powerful automated workflows. It centralises SaaS knowledge on a single platform to master usage, optimise contracts and mitigate associated risks.

Manage and orchestrate your decentralised SaaS

Gain extensive understanding through automated data collection to identify usage and ownership of each application.

Assess all the risks of your SaaS stack

Assess and mitigate risks (GDPR, security, business) thanks to standard and customisable criticality scores.

Optimise your contracts and maximise your ROI

Rationalise your SaaS stack by monitoring renewals and current contracts using platform data to make insightful optimisation decisions.

Govern your SaaS ecosystem through a unique platform

Govern your SaaS stack by defining a multi-stakeholder evaluation process for new requests, and by setting your own compliance standards.

SaaS enablement

Simplify Business Unit digitalisation through a dedicated Enterprise App Store & employee portal

By establishing a new framework for collaboration between IT and business, large organisations can accelerate digitalisation with more transparency and autonomy while mitigating risks.

Enable BUs digitalisation through App Centre.png

Enable employee digitalisation with a dedicated portal

Provide a personalised portal and workspace for employees with in-depth data and views of the company's apps.

Find the best apps through a comprehensive SaaS market directory

Give employees access to a directory including the apps already in use within the company, and those available on the market.

Facilitate requests for access to existing and new apps

Reimagine your IT/BU collaboration by allowing employees to express their needs through request workflows.

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Didier Fleury Macif
Departments need to move fast. The problem arises when the technology they select becomes very important to the business, but regulatory compliance has not been considered
Didier Fleury
Macif’s CIO

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