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Establish effective SaaS governance by bringing together all stakeholders

Traditional processes designed for On-prem and homemade applications are no longer suited to the rapid growth, short lifespan, and decentralised nature of SaaS. Beamy’s SaaS governance platform empowers teams (IT, Procurement, Legal, Compliance…) to build and centralise SaaS knowledge collectively. This fosters alignment and collaboration, enhancing the efficiency of SaaS processes and enabling organisations to keep up with the ongoing IT democratisation.

Centralise SaaS Knowledge

Connect your SaaS knowledge sources to build your consolidated SaaS portfolio.

Used SaaS

The Web Browser Extension provides detailed SaaS usage data, complemented with essential information (such as functional categories, risk scores, and GDPR scores) from the Beamy Knowledge Base. This combination forms the core foundation of your SaaS portfolio.

Managed SaaS

Enhance your SaaS portfolio by incorporating data from other application repositories. This helps you identify applications that are managed centrally or locally (EAM, ITSM) and which are already recognised and secured (SSO).

Paid SaaS

Further enrich your SaaS portfolio with financial data (purchase orders, supplier journals, invoices). This enables you to understand the cost structure of your SaaS landscape and to identify optimisation opportunities.

Simplify SaaS Reporting

Leverage built-in metrics and analytics for all levels of reporting

Executive reporting

Utilise Beamy's in-app dashboard capability to create your own executive reports that remain constantly up-to-date. Eliminate the last-minute stress of updating Excel spreadsheets.

Operational reporting

Monitor the progress of each stakeholder and team as they work to qualify unknown SaaS. Quickly identify and solve bottlenecks to make sure the investigation progresses as planned.

Accelerate SaaS Investigation

Receive automatic alerts when a new SaaS is detected or when usage patterns change. 

The right information

Each alert includes valuable context, such as functional category, departments using the software, and detection sources, enabling swift analysis.

The right people

Configure alert recipients based on your organisation's structure (by functional domain, by country…) to ensure the right information reaches the right people. 

The right time

Get notified only when true SaaS usage is detected. Beamy analyses and filters SaaS usage clues to only send you relevant alerts and prevent false positives from flooding your inbox.

Facilitate SaaS Collaboration

Define and implement your own SaaS processes

Configurable Workflows

Configure multi-steps collaborative workflows to match your organisation’s processes and governance. 

Automated Workflows

No unnecessary emails and meetings. When a task is completed, instant notifications are sent to the next step owners. 

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Didier Fleury Macif
The CIO holds a strategic position in this regard: that of providing the company with a framework for decentralising digitalisation and letting Businesses innovate on their own.
Didier Fleury
Macif’s CIO
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