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SaaS Discovery and Monitoring

Discover the depth of your SaaS landscape

Beamy automatically and continuously detects SaaS apps used within your company, including those in Shadow IT, through powerful data analysis paired with machine learning algorithms and our unique knowledge base of over 50K SaaS.


To handle the hundreds of SaaS apps that have been deployed without the IT team’s approval

Large companies have to manage hundreds of SaaS apps, mostly implemented by Business Units (BUs) in a decentralised way, without the approval of IT & risk teams. IT and central teams have neither the vision nor the control over these decentralised SaaS apps. This creates real issues such as:

  • Lack of vision of the actual IT budget as most apps are purchased by BUs in a decentralised manner.

  • Uncontrolled risks as not all decentralised purchases comply with the company’s policies and compliance.

  • No effective collaboration between teams as the governance process for implementing new software is usually ignored by BUs.

To tackle these risks, it is critical for organisations to gain full visibility and understanding of their SaaS stack.

Detect all your SaaS apps, even the ones in Shadow IT

Automated detection technology

Benefit from powerful detection technology using browser logs, financial logs and cross-references from a catalogue of 50K apps

Uncovering Shadow SaaS

Gain complete visibility of your application stack, including SaaS implemented in a decentralised way

Instant detection notifications

Receive notifications when an app that appears to be critical is detected

Visualise all your SaaS with comprehensive & enhanced data

Full transparency of your stack

Get a comprehensive overview of every app used in an all-in-one platform (publishers, products and contracts)

Understanding your SaaS stack

Identify duplicate and/or decentralised licenses or contracts that have been purchased

Insightful dashboard

Monitor your environment at a glance with a comprehensive dashboard and track progress in real-time with dynamic charts

Refine your SaaS stack based on your needs

In-depth refining

Fine-tune the detection according to your own knowledge, context and needs through a unique management interface.

Clear accountability

Assign business owners to ensure clear responsibility behind each implemented app.

Better collaboration within teams

Organise the apps used by each department/team to promote better cooperation.

Synchronise your SaaS stack with the rest of your IT ecosystem

Extensive integration

Analyse the knowledge gaps among your different systems by synchronising all the tools already used in the company ⁠— covering ITSM, CASB, SAM, PRP, GRC, etc.

Two-way synchronisation

Feed your systems with accurate information provided by Beamy’s detection, including the Shadow SaaS apps detected and the governance tools already in use.

Data reconciliation

Reconcile the data on the Beamy platform with accurate data mapping.

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The largest companies trust Beamy

Beamy is our SaaS control tower. Beamy's platform has provided us with spectacular results and enables us to have an exhaustive vision of our SaaS stack.
Jean Laborde
Deputy CIO — Fnac Darty

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SaaS Management

Once you have detected all the SaaS applications used within your organisation, it is crucial to manage and mitigate associated risk.

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