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SaaS Governance

Enable employee digital transformation with a SaaS Catalogue

Beamy supports your IT team in becoming a catalyst for innovation and a trusted partner for Business Units (BUs). By establishing a new framework for collaboration between IT and BUs, large organisations can accelerate digital transformation with more transparency and autonomy without added risks.

Empower employees dedicated portal
Collaboration between IT business

Why SaaS Governance?

To orchestrate and govern your IT decentralisation with a SaaS Catalogue

While control and governance of your SaaS stack are essential for organisational security and longevity, this is not enough to gain competitive advantages. Companies still face:

  • Slow adoption of digitalisation because employees do not have clear visibility and guidelines on what they should or should not do regarding SaaS usage.

  • Insecure app implementations jeopardise the company as employees are blocked by unclear and cumbersome approval processes. Employees thus unintentionally create risk by deploying solutions that do not comply with company policies.

  • Poor performance and innovation because employees waste time on outdated and slow tools that do not allow them to be efficient and take initiative.

  • Resignations of the top talent because employees are frustrated by not having enough freedom to be as efficient as possible in their jobs.

To accelerate the digitalisation of companies, and retain the best talent, it is crucial to give clear guidance and autonomy to employees when it comes to choosing the best-of-breed software that fits their needs.

Empower employees thank a dedicated portal

Empower SaaS adoption with a dedicated portal

Dedicated employee portal

Provide a personalised & user-friendly workspace with in-depth data and views of the company's apps (apps available according to user rights, used by the teams/BU, apps approved, tolerated, unapproved, etc.).

A simplified platform for all employees

Provide best practices and key guidelines for using apps effectively and securely for the organisation, all on one platform.

Team collaboration and interaction

Tag and interact with colleagues directly on the platform.

Beamy's app centre

Find the best apps through a comprehensive SaaS market directory of over 50K SaaS

SaaS market directory

Provide access to a directory of over 50K SaaS solutions, including those already in use within the company as well as those on the market that can help meet your needs.

Provide a comprehensive knowledge base

The knowledge base highlights each app's features and risk criticality scoring (business, security, data privacy).

Customisable directory

Customise the market directory according to your company’s IT guidelines (localisation, data privacy, certifications, security policy, etc.).

Request access to SaaS apps

Provide autonomy to employees to request access to apps through collaborative workflows

Request workflow

Employees can express their needs and request access to new apps or ones already in use through a multi-stakeholder validation process.

Business empowerment

Provide autonomy and agility to companies implementing low-risk SaaS apps by complying with IT guidelines and avoiding any Shadow IT.

Reinvent IT/BU collaboration

Reimagine IT/business collaboration especially on the most sensitive & risky applications to find the best match between performance & compliance.

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The largest companies trust Beamy

IT organisation accountability means enhancing business initiatives by helping businesses to take the best-guided decisions – a kind of personalised company “App-store” where businesses can visualise all technologies, experiment and choose new ones without putting the company at risk.
Messaoud Machrhoul
Chief IT Operations & Security — Engie

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Beamy raises US$9 million to govern the explosion of SaaS in companies and build the framework for their IT decentralisation

Beamy, a European pioneer in SaaS management for large companies, has raised more than US$9 million dollars in Series A funding. This funding round was led by the Aglaé Ventures and ISAI funds, as well as business angels Nicolas Hernandez (360 Learning) and Erwan Keraudy (CybelAngel). The solution has already attracted notable customers including LVMH, Decathlon, Orange, Engie and BNP Paribas to provide a framework for governing the decentralisation and implementation of their SaaS tools across their businesses.

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