SaaS Mastering

Get a comprehensive understanding of your SaaS stack on a single interface.

Understand the uses of the SaaS apps to assess the risks associated.

Fully customise the platform to suit your needs with business rules and workflows specific to your organisation.

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Setting up your SaaS stack data

Configure the data collected by the platform in terms of usage and risks associated with apps used based on your organisation's needs.

Monitoring your SaaS stack

View all of the SaaS data through a single, filterable and customisable interface. Reorganise it according to the most important data to track your organisation's needs.

Risk data collection

Request the data at risk (security, GDPR, etc.) directly from the SaaS publishers, thanks to a digitalised and automated form that can be fully customised.

Mastery score

Check your app mastery score based on repositories, including GDPR and security data collected from SaaS publishers.

Usage data gathering

We interact with the BUs that use SaaS apps to understand their usage. Through these interactions, we can assess the added value of an application.

Budget monitoring

Track the budget of your SaaS stack to understand the total cost of an app, its ROI and its impact on your company.

Advanced settings

Define the frequency of data collection from SaaS publishers and from the BUs. Set up notifications for critical data or app subscription renewals.