SaaS Cockpit

Automatically and continuously detect and monitor all SaaS apps used within your organisation.

Get a comprehensive categorisation and financial overview of the apps implemented within your organisation.

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Automatic detection of your SaaS stack

Automatically and continuously discover all apps used within your business with our advanced detection technology.

Refining your SaaS stack

Discover every solution detected by our platform on a unique and customisable management interface. It enables you to refine the detection according to your own knowledge and needs.

Shadow IT monitoring

Spotlight Shadow IT apps thanks to a gap analysis based on your existing repositories.

Risk assessment and criticality score

Assess the risks associated with your SaaS stack according to different criteria and metrics (security breaches, GDPR compliance, etc.) and get a criticality score for each of your SaaS apps.

Real-time risk notifications

Receive instant notifications when we detect an app that appears to be particularly critical.

Business referees

Assign one or more referees to each of your apps and define the chain of responsibility within your organisation.

Detected apps assessment

Review the implementation of your apps through the platform or let the automated workflow contact SaaS publishers to collect the information you need.

SaaS stack classification

All your apps are organised according to your company's departments.

SaaS stack dashboard

Monitor your environment at a glance using the dashboard and follow the evolution in real-time through evolving graphs.

SaaS Mastering

Get a comprehensive understanding of your SaaS stack on a single interface.

Understand the uses of the SaaS apps to assess the risks associated.

Fully customise the platform to suit your needs with business rules and workflows specific to your organisation.

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Setting up your SaaS stack data

Configure the data collected by the platform in terms of usage and risks associated with apps used based on your organisation's needs.

Monitoring your SaaS stack

View all of the SaaS data through a single, filterable and customisable interface. Reorganise it according to the most important data to track your organisation's needs.

Risk data collection

Request the data at risk (security, GDPR, etc.) directly from the SaaS publishers, thanks to a digitalised and automated form that can be fully customised.

Mastery score

Check your app mastery score based on repositories, including GDPR and security data collected from SaaS publishers.

Usage data gathering

We interact with the BUs that use SaaS apps to understand their usage. Through these interactions, we can assess the added value of an application.

Budget monitoring

Track the budget of your SaaS stack to understand the total cost of an app, its ROI and its impact on your company.

Advanced settings

Define the frequency of data collection from SaaS publishers and from the BUs. Set up notifications for critical data or app subscription renewals.

SaaS Governance

Optimise the digital governance processes of your organisation to avoid overlapping apps.

Plan their renewal and control risks as soon as new apps are implemented.

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Requests for new SaaS applications

Give your employees the freedom to request the implementation of new apps quickly and easily.

New application form

Create a fully customisable application form for the implementation of new apps.

Implementation request approval

Define people responsible for processing requests to implement new SaaS apps.

Apps renewal within your SaaS stack

Set renewal alerts for apps in your SaaS stack according to your own needs. Have a global overview of the renewal dates of each app through a calendar.

Optimising your SaaS stack

Get insight on the current usage of SaaS apps. Detect overlapping, underused or very low ROI apps.

A shared environment

Share access to the platform with employees so they have access to all approved and monitored applications within your organisation.

A customised environment

Create personalised environments for each BU and employee that bring together all the apps they use in a single interface.

Digitised contractual appendices.

Digitally centralise contracts and other contractual attachments (GDPR, security, etc.) between the different stakeholders for each app in a single interface.

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