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About Beamy

Team Beamy

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between IT teams and business units and to democratise IT within large organisations.

SaaS applications are present everywhere from SMBs to Global 2000 firms and have changed the way companies, especially employees, engage with IT resources by providing efficient and easy-to-implement digital tools. SaaS enables innovation by allowing Business Units to be more efficient.

Nevertheless, this digital transformation has inevitably led to unmanageable SaaS stacks and increased spending. This is where Beamy comes in.

Our goal is to democratise IT technology by bringing together all the stakeholders (procurement, DPO, BUs, editors, etc.) on a unique platform and by putting well-managed SaaS safely into the hands of end-users

Life at Beamy

No matter how fast we grow and how many employees we recruit, we want the family experience at Beamy to be the same for everyone.

We all have the same values - we are :

Collective Responsibility

We believe that each individual at Beamy is responsible for making our world better. This being said, the company invests in impactful society projects, not related to our business. At Beamy, you’re also free to dedicate one paid day per quarter to help an association or a cause of your choice.

Full trust, full honesty

Trust comes from honesty: trust is sometimes hard to acquire, but this is given “by default” at Beamy. If you’ve been hired, we trust you. We make it work in the long term by providing regular feedback and by empowering and training people.

Ambitious Ownership

Each Beamer is autonomous, proactive and fully responsible for her/his subjects and results. Giving ownership to people from the beginning allows us to encourage them to take risks and be comfortable. We compete with great international companies and we don’t want to micro-manage. We hire people who will commit to taking wide ownership in the company (never leave a problem unsolved or put a strategic task aside).

Rising with no ego

Ego has no place at Beamy. We are transparent with each other. The company's financial situation, the objectives (OKRs), and the challenges of each team are disclosed regularly. It is good to know that you can make mistakes. We truly believe that when we step back and admit our mistakes, we can do better afterwards.

Attracting the best talent is essential and we don't want to limit ourselves to a few cities. That's why Beamers can be fully remote and still be based in Europe, as long as they can travel to Paris 3 days a month for what we call our "All hands" - 3 days of collaborative work where teams share progress and challenges and where we realign our vision and encourage collaboration.

Meet the team - The Beamers

Andréa Jacquemin

CEO - Co-founder

Edouard Dossot

COO - Co-founder

Anne Gauthé

Client Success Director

Rodolphe Denoix

Client Success Director

Louis Cousin

Louis Cousin

Client Success Director

Elsa Vandon

Client Success Manager

Lucas Roveri

Operation Team Lead

Rebecca Uzan

Data Analyst & Project Manager

Guillaume Decroix

Ops Analyst

Daniel Gies

Ops Engineer

Frank Albrecht

Ops Project Manager Consultant

Romane Daviaud

SaaS Optimisation Expert

Ouassini Fertas

Sales Director

Marie Portillo

Account Executive

Yann Ragoucy

Sales Ops

Jérémie Serout

Account Executive

Juliette Trulli

Business Developer

Corentin Gendrey

Business Developer

Alexandre Rizzetto

Business Developer

Dominic Howard-Noel

International Account Executive

Eva Billet

International business developer

Ben Findon

International Account Executive

Marc Harper

International business developer

Romane Brochard

HR & Talent Acquisition

Leslye Branger

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Indiana Bey

Talent Acquisition

Alexis Schacher

Financial & Administrative Manager

Patrick Straus

Founder Analyst

Remi Hadet

Founder Analyst

Tahir Iftikhar


Abel Derderian

Software Engineer

Max Desplanches

Backend Software Engineer

Anis Gadhgadhi

Software Engineer

Tristan Marion

Software Engineer

Neil Richter

Software Engineer

Renaud Gautier

Software Engineer

Hervé Tutuaku

Hervé Tutuaku

Lead Software Engineer

Mehdi Talbi

Mehdi Talbi

DevOps Engineer

Julien Saadoun

Julien Saadoun

Quality Engineer

Thomas Griseau

Machine Learning Engineer

Walid El Bouchikhi

Software & Data Engineer

Alexandre Azria

Alexandre Azria

Data Analyst

Clementine Grossetête

Marketing Manager

Jui Jhala

International Marketing Intern

Clea Neumann

Digital Marketer

Albane Jacquemin

Marketing Manager

Théo Auzas Mota

Product Manager

Tony Pineiro

Product Manager

Beamy is growing. We invite you to be part of the Beamy adventure, to help us realise our vision and tackle every challenge. We have just the right mix of ambition and expertise, and above all, we’re a very happy team!